The (ni van) people of Vanuatu have had a marriage success rate of over 95% for years.

Marriage Rescue Shower

Partly it's because of this mixture of red algae.

Many husbands go to consult Alice Athy for her solution to erectile disfunction. Her solution is a ďrink to have over weeks,  but minerals can be absorbed through the skin as well as the stomach.  This makes this product all the more interesting because it comes in a shower filter & has antibacterial qualities .

It's easy to install can be covertly & honestly installed as an antibacterial filter that has another function to restore a husband's manhood.

This product is also male potency enhanced with added reproduction minerals & minerals to assist with extra blood flow.

Many ( ni- van) wives claim their husbands erection is harder & wider than ever before. So this is a win win situation for a happy marriage a larger & harder erection than ever before & can honestly be installed as an antibacterial shower filter.

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