“Since the ancient days of Plato and Hippocrates, the sea with its rich source of beneficial minerals, has been hailed as a natural way of balancing the body for maximum health.”

Now OceanMist brings these benefits straight to your bathroom.

OceanMist source a specific species of red algae directly from the oceans of Vanuatu which scientific studies report as highly effective in microbial defence with potential to fight bacterial infections, AIDS and even cancer.

Callophycus Serratus

OceanMist red algae contains the essential minerals that our modern lives can’t deliver in the recommended quantities.

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In addition to the naturally occuring minerals in red algae, many of our products are fortified with magnesium, manganese, zinc, silica, selenium, germanium, phosphorous, potassium, chromium and vanadium to ensure consistent bio-availability.

OceanMist essential sea minerals are delivered to the largest organ of your body – your skin.

An easy and convenient, “do it yourself” method of mineral supplementation

Avoids problems of gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea, through bypassing the digestive system entirely

Passes directly into the tissues via the skin, where it is quickly transported to cells throughout the body

This method is called “transdermal”.

Happy Customers


The extreme pain I have been in for over 18 years has seen little rest. I tried at least 2 dozen pain killers and visited many doctors..nothing releived the pain.. until Ocean Mist  – it worked every time!! Many times I didn’t think it would do anything but even when the pain was deep inside joints, somehow I still got relief.

Rob M (Qld)

Ocean Mist has been the best thing to come into my life in years! It’s brought pain relief & allows my body to rebuild my cartilages….. All I needed was the right amounts of nutrients. I am feeling younger every day.

Anne H.

“I was born with cystic fibrosis & have been in hospitals almost every year with serious infections especially in the winter months.
After using Ocean Mist for 3 months, I’m not going to hospital this winter ! …. I had been on antibiotics and using 3 inhalants every day. I no longer need any of these.

Kristy T. (Qld)

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